Politics with a broader horizon

Center for Long-Term Policy is a politically independent organization with the goal of illuminating some of the most important, but most neglected, challenges of our time. We work at the intersection of research and policy, for a better prioritization of society's resources. The centre will conduct social analysis, develop policy proposals, contribute to public discussions and be a meeting place for all those interested in long-term and knowledge-based policy.

Priority areas

Existential threats

Policies that make society safer in the face of threats such as pandemics, extreme climate change and from advanced artificial intelligence.

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Future generations

Policies that better safeguard the interests of future generations, which are given too little emphasis in today's politics.

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Global welfare

Policies that contribute to the global welfare of humans and animals, including through innovation, sustainable growth and international development.

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Role and motivation

The public debate in Norway is often about issues that divide the right and left, such as taxes, privatization and centralization. These debates are important, but other issues deserve more attention.

Future generations, people outside Norway and animals are not sufficiently taken into account in political processes. They are influenced by the political choices we make, but have no voice themselves.

Moreover, we live an exceptional time. We have a special responsibility to think further.

The Centre for Long-Term Policy will take a new and necessary role in political Norway by promoting important perspectives that are not sufficiently promoted by other organisations.

Our Approach

To contribute to positive policy change, we follow some basic methodological principles:


Problem analyses must be knowledge-based and proposed measures well-founded.


All choices have an opportunity cost. When we choose to use
resources on something else get downprioritized.

Since there are many problems in the world, and a limited amount of resources, we have to prioritize. Therefore, we use the criteria scale, solvability, Neglect, and political suitability, when we are going to choose issues to focus on.


How big is the problem?


How realistic is it to solve the problem?


How under-prioritised is the problem?

Political suitability

How appropriate is Norwegian policy to solve the problem?

Our work

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