Center for Long-Term Policy is a politically independent organization that develops and promotes proposals for policies that address some of the most important, but neglected, issues of our time.

We are a non-profit business organized as an ideal AS, with no goal of profit. Our work is possible only because of the support of volunteer contributors.

Support us

All contributions, small and large, help the Centre for Long-Term Policy work towards a better and safer future. You can support us via bank transfer or Vipps:

- Option 1: transfer money through a bank to account number 3606 15 48542, then remember to label your payment with the text “Donation to the Center for Long-Term Policy”.

- Option 2: transfer money to the Center for Long-Term Policy (VIPPS number #829632) in the Vipps app.

Thank you for supporting us!

How is the Center for Long-Term Policy funded?

Our funding comes solely as gifts from supporters, both foundations and private individuals. Financial contributions do not have any influence on what we are supposed to think.

Our contributors as of December 2023 are:

- Founders Pledge

- Open Philanthropy

- Carl Einar Bonnevie Rasmussen

- Impact Academy

- Sparebankstiftelsen DnB

- Eirik Mofoss

Contributors are ranked by size of contributions, and all of them have contributed more than NOK 100,000 — and one of them with over NOK 1 million. Several private individuals have also given smaller amounts.